My Introductions to Grime

Well if your mum said when you listen to Eminem, or other rappers and said that those songs are made for clubs.. wait until your mum listen to grime

Well I am not familiar with this genre either..but for one of Linkin Park latest music videos Good Goodbye, it also featured Stormzy, and Pusha Stormzy is from the U.K and he is one of the grime artists.

Well..I am not hating the genre since one of my friend Ninjatea also making grime, but I am not really familiar with the genre.

“but grime’s bass-heavy instrumentals and rowdy vocals are best enjoyed inside of a speaker stack.” – Highsnobiety

but best part is I found a page where to learn about what is grime….

But if someone (the reader coming from U.K) you should check out the PAQ series. like here

And of the member Dexter goes by the name dexthefreak 

he is sooo funny and he is one of the grime artist, so be sure to check him out as well.

I really hope this will be the continuation on exploring sub/more genre of hiphop culture itself..and although probably it the shortest article that I wrote I’ll be back soon 🙂


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