N.O Words That I Can Explain

So I grew up listening to Eminem from 8 Miles, when it was shown on my TV back when I was a child. But Eminem was not my first rapper that I listen to, I listen to Akon back then and Ludacris on Justin Bieber Baby.

Anyways back in 2011 I was in my first secondary year, and he dropped the Recovery album where it was everywhere on my television.. back then it was hard for me to rap a sentence and I am not really exposed to a lot of genre yet.. since I listen to few artists such as 30 Seconds to Mars, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, and yes Taylor Swift too 🙂

Not Afraid was literally played almost everyday on my television, but the thing is some people may criticized the artist for not being like what they want. For me at some point as an artist we need to move out, change the game, experiments, because if not it is not fun for the artists.

I really believe that at this point of Eminem life he grew up more become a mature man himself, experiment things that he has not done before, Walk on Water also touch me more than just a hype Beyoncé voice also blended well with Eminem rap. Also for River its also amazing, it is very relatable for me, for example I do have a problem, and sometimes I just want to run from the problems too. At some point I feel like Eminem latest album is more showing himself as a human rather than rap god 🙂 or song like Lose Yourself.. although I definitely love the songs too. In other words for me all of his albums are really amazing… and very relatable for the stage that he is into right now.

It is just like Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda said, that some people love Meteora, or Hybrid Theory, or some people prefer they love more on the rock hard core vibes but when they put out Hunting Party out… no one really seems to care, and some keep complaining, once again I am not trying to be biased when talking about music since I purely enjoy them as much as everyone.. I can listen to the music that you guys will recommend to me as well.

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