J Hope Bringing Hope

I was not really exposed to the Korean songs until half of 2016.. when I suddenly got no idea for my project, thus making me check out 2NE1 and BIGBANG music videos among all of them I really love 2NE1 and definitely the King G DRAGON.

Most of my friends are so into K Pop thus making me more expose to the industry about the music, and the artistry of the artist in the industry. I personally thing that K Pop helps the music become genre-less music, with the music offered by 2NE1 that mix up hip hop with reggae, pop, electronic and more.. although I feel like Linkin Park do the same thing before K Pop really hyped up (thanks to Gangnam Style Psy)

I was checking out J-Hope latest comeback Daydream (almost a month ago) ; style music wise I love the visualization of the music video, although it is not my style of music. I am not biased on saying the music I think his music video for Airplane is my favourite from the two.


But I really appreciate all the fans of K Pop to be honest, their dedication is the best I guess, stream their favourite artist music videos for hours, give them the birthday present and more.. but I guess J Hope do has bright future on the industry as well.

I noticed that his music videos views almost got more views compare to Eminem (my favourite artist) comeback river with Ed Sheeran in 24 hours……. I don’t really understand actually but the K-Pop fans are the best fans in the first 24 hours I really love them hahahha they are cute, and full of dedication 🙂

I like the song airplane actually.. I don’t want this page to be a war or anything else it is purely my opinion on what I think about artists that the songs I have listened to.

“This track is also about our success. This song is significant in that we (BTS) sang it together. ” – J Hope on Airplane

so yeahhh I think J Hope will be like his name bringing Hope 🙂 Cheers to your career.

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