It’s Ugly Until Rihanna Said No….


“People think, because we’re young, we aren’t complex, but that’s not true. We deal with life and love and broken hearts in the same way a woman a few years older might.”

I always really in love with Rihanna simply because of the good girl image gone bad… like for me being bad is not being bad but bad meaning good…. like I love to inspired all the girls that it is okay to be different because no one in this world is actually produced in a factory really.. Like we are not a doll, if someone said that

-Girl you should not dress like that .. you guys should answer IDGAF hunny..

I love when someone said that I am cool or unique rather than when someone said that I am pretty… like here’s the thing I am straight… I love guys but for my case they thought I should dress at certain style.. because they see me as a mirrored image of my  mum.. But I ain’t my mum.. I have my own style, my own soul, and although I look like a child (my face don’t really age even I am 20 now ) and seems to be a good girl.. in which I am a mummy’s dan daddy’s girl.. but what I want to say is what looks so pretty outside, it is not from the inside and I want people to accept that part of me.

The reason why I dress like right now (mostly wearing black, earrings that seems not to practical) it is simply that it give me a little confident, since no one in my hometown own the unique piece that I own. The reason why I love Rihanna is because she dressed like nobody is watching. One time around last year I went to Europe wearing a Dinosaur glasses with a head-band someone mistakenly thought I am a local.. it seems funny and she told me that my stuffs is one of a kind.

In my other word is there is no such thing is a bad thing, because we are the one that can chance the fate of something… like here’s the thing, if we believe that we look bad, than it will be does if you think the opposite way, just like the meme “it is ugly until Rihanna said so” it is all about confidence… I don’t have a big confidence but I am learning right now, if I fall I will take the fall, since this world is our playground… no matter how hurt it is the failure and everything it is part of learning in life.

Here’s some Riri MV 🙂 ❤




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