When someone said about female empowerment.. Sometimes we often live in a stereotype……..

I am from Indonesia, with background of Chinese, and Peranakan or what people called it Babah as well. These days I live in Australia studying business, however I might not become one of the typical Chinese Indonesian girls out there. I do have struggles with “feminity” if you are not familiar with it check the article here.

First of all I love wearing skirts, little cute dresses, but it changes when I arrived here in Melbourne, I have to learn to catch the trams, walking from one place to another.. dealing with the Melbourne weather, the wind.. that’s tough especially I was a little bit pampered by my parents.. my dad especially won’t let me learn to drive if it is cloudy or rain.. :’)

On the other hand my mum, she is very lady-like, very dressy on every occasion (in a good way).  And definitely after all the problems that happened back in 2016, all of them are so crazy, blaming the success of my parents, and some of the family member got jealous, after dealing with the stressful week, I listen to Hip Hop more and more, it helps guys, and most of my current fashion I could say inspired by street style but not the street style, casual, and semi-formal, my go to accessories are from Ambush.

At first I always thought I have to dress prettily like my mum, or like the girls thats older than me, but its not really me, I believe in what I call ugly pretty.. and believe in yourself and it is okay to be weird or different. And that’s the start where I create this alter ego thegoodtheweird, that’s what people called me actually, and I don’t mind.

And I often wrote about my self esteem, well I am not as porcelain as the other Chinese-Indo girls, I am not that pretty either, my feature don’t really look like them, but I don’t look like mix-raced kid either…these girls help me out really and you can see their MV below too.






Minami Cream

Some people called me that I got this kind of alibi to cover my mistakes.. but actually I struggle a lot with my depression, and I sometimes listen to this music to release my stressfulness to something positive, but yeah actually they really helpful on my self accepting, and everything 🙂 ❤ I hope you guys will love them as much as I do..

see you on my next post

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