Why I Love Kendrick :) and Bewhy



Passover was 1 April 2018,  what funny Kendrick said was the same thing as my pastor said today. Today a lot of people losing faith because they are afraid to get judge, it is more like the current situation people love to judge you, some people will think that o wait religion is a pushy thing for everyone.

I feel it’s my calling to share the joy of God, but with exclamation, more so, the FEAR OF GOD. The balance. Knowing the power in what he can build, and also what he can destroy. At any giving moment. – Kendrick on Vibe

 “I got a greater purpose,” Lamar said. “God put something in my heart to get across and that’s what I’m going to focus on, using my voice as an instrument and doing what needs to be done.”- Kendrick on Complex

 “I don’t know why He keeps blessing me.”

So the next time you feel like your worlds about to end. I hope you studied because He’s testing your faith again”- Kendrick Lamar

It is hard for me to accept a lot of sugar coated testimony especially when I saw someone starts to be very poetic, because I have hardship for understanding the hardship. Since I may look fine but not from the inside, I guess that’s the reason why I start to listen to rap music. I have difficulties on express myself on my words, and my faith at some points, I have difficult at accept things that already happened to me for some reasons, but Kendrick Lamar songs, especially the meaning of it helps me out, and the best part is it is in English ❤ but Kendrick Lamar is not the only one that slaps my face super hard, rapper from South Korea Bewhy also slapped my face super hard.

“If I want to idolize somebody, I’m not going to do a scary monster, I’m not gonna do another artist or a human being — I’m gonna idolize the Master, who I feel is the Master, and try to walk in His light. It’s hard, it’s something I probably could never do, but I’m gonna try. Not just with the outfit but with everyday life. The outfit is just the imagery, but what’s inside me will display longer.”- Kendrick Lamar on Fader

Lord God, I come to you a sinner, and I humbly repent for my sins. I believe that Jesus is Lord. I believe that you raised him from the dead. I will ask that Jesus will come to my life and be my Lord and savior. I receive Jesus to take control of my life, and that I may live for him from this day forth. Thank you lord Jesus for saving me with your precious blood. In Jesus name, amen. – Intro to Good Kid, m.A.A.d City by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar even showed what he believed in infront of hundreds of people and he seems doesn’t care. here


” You saw me I was at the bottom in the show, but I was the winner at the end… I was just a kid with a big teeth, who looks like thumb. It changes when I start to give myself a credit” – Bewhy on sellev

“The religious aspect is one that I believe to be the most important as I live out my life,” said BewhY. “I wanted to write about my faith, my story, in music. Some may feel uncomfortable with the religious content, but it was something that I did want to express, so I tried my best to try to find the middle ground.”

“When I compare my before and after believing in Jesus, my happiness, my thoughts, just so many things are different … Everything that he taught me about my life are so precious.”

Bewhy quoted on CD

I was a kid that is super not confident about the way I look, people told me that I don’t look like East Asian, I look more like a Thailand, or girl from Philipines, they told me I don’t look like my brother who looks more Chinese than me. I also often blame God for whatever reasons that happened to my life..

” God makes no mistake ma bro n sister
He is the most
I have a perfect plan.
I know you are obviously
I was born for a reason.
I’m screaming your value now
You are special boy n girl
Do remember
Let’s raise your body
Love yourself
You are much more than you think
Tell me you’re even more expensive.
My appearance The appearance of Yahweh
Pretty Im like a son of God
I am a sculptor’s master piece
This is not just me but you too
I am the One
There is a reason for having one made.
A masterpiece without mistakes
Now that we have a new life
Those who are filled with hate
Where to go
always present
They even bless you.
This is the one who made me.
Okay ” – Bewhy In Trinity
The song slapped my face really hard, because in the end of the day I realize that God did not make any mistakes, and God created everything according to Him, and His words therefore we are actually should thankful that we are wonderful, there are countless saying where I hate myself….Kendrick words making me realize that someone can see if I have my God in my life or not through my words as well.
Some people still has this streotype for me liking this kind of music, I do understand that hip hop songs do related to gangster, money, sex topic, but now not everything that looks so bad are bad. I started to believe in what I believe again, and start to building my faith, and believe that there will be an eternal life at the end, both of this artist said that in order to be successful you need to surrender to God, because without God we are nothing..I don’t push people to believe on what I believe though 🙂 When Kendrick said why God always keep blessing him although he once was in a gang, and dealing with drugs it opened up my eyes that no matter how bad I am, God will always have a place for me to come back home no matter what, for Bewhy he stated that he doesn’t care on what people are going to said about him if he will talk about God in his rap. It opened up my eyes that God can use everyone to pleased Him up in different ways.
I am not a perfect human being, I am fully destroyed, and I am still learning after everything seems to an end to me I starting again by opening up an instagram name by the same name of this blog. I told my story through music and drawing that I did and listen to, the main reason I personally think that both of them dealing with things that I experienced, got bullied, difficulties with self esteem, I am not dealing with drugs but there are evil things in this world, and I knew once Kendrick repent when someone he loved so much gone.
“to not become arrogant, since I’m a person, I pray and try to stay calm “- Bewhy 

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