Skills + Skills + Skills = ∞

where’d you go.. I miss you so its been like forever that you’ve been gone… – Fort Minor


credit photo to Hip Hop N More

I maybe one of the generation that mostly listen to the recent current most hype music in the world like K-Pop, and just listen to Rap songs to make me look like a cool chick from the block.. but nahhhhh

I listen to everything the music based on what I like on my mood, no matter what the language is I will listen to it, but it is definitely a struggle for the to find the translation for the lyrics, but I do love all the musical artist from a lot of different countries. But most of the time I listen to artist that really touch my heart like Mike Shinoda (one of my favourite rapper actually)

giphy (1).gif


Yass and most of the song that I listen is definitely varied but mostly I listen to R N B, Hip Hop based songs, even if it is a gospel song.. But yeah that genre help me a lot crossing my depression, and fulfill my days when I am so lonely. The song Fort Minor- Where’d You Go helps me a lot when I miss my mum, dad, and home back in Indonesia, but it still give me strength but mix feelings as well. I feel bad because these days Fort Minor is super underrated, but for me Mike Shinoda is a genius recently he just released his Post Traumatic EP that he released few music videos after the main singer of Linkin Park Chester Bennington (whom I also love since I am in secondary ) passed.




I do understand with the now music lovers, in which social media, fan service, and multiple comebacks play a huge role. For example Linkin Park went to few hiatus not so long ago, and they comeback with their ONE MORE LIGHT, with collaboration with Ciara, Pusha T, and Stromzy. They do understand and try to keep up with the current trend, and I think I love their music since at some points an artist need to grow and came out from their comfort zone. But it is hard since a lot of young generation they are not familiar with Linkin Park/Fort Minor, or Mike Shinoda himself. For example most of my Chinese friends only listen to K-Pop or Chinese artists only (I love Jay Chou, Vava, Eddie Chen lol yass I listen to Chinese music too), the main reason is they are very open with their social media, the fan service is definitely different with the music artists from the west (in a good way ), the cuteness of the artist showed to the fans that able to make the girls heart flustered etc. And sometimes it is hard to debate about a good music anymore, since they do not see the music itself but the appearance of the artists.

I personally think Mike Shinoda is the best since recently he called his fans to collaborate with him for his recent music videos, and trying all the merch materials that going to be sold to his fans. What I love about him is Linkin Park true fans is always be a fan, and for me the views of YouTube music videos is not really important, what the most important is when they got the target market that they want.

Mike Shinoda he is not only able to sing like in Iridescent, but he rapped, playing the guitar, back up vocal, writing the music, create the logo, album art, collaboration with Bamford Watch Department, composing, producing, won multiple awards, collaborate with tons of artist including ONE OK ROCK from Japan… He is just man with skills.

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I really hope that his ( Mike Shinoda ) upcoming ventures will be amazing although it is going to be a tough road after what happened with Chester, but I am sure that his artistry will be remembered, and for Mike I believe that everything that he is going to do is going to be amazing and dope as we can see he will go to several events this year in Japan, Osaka, etc.. He is an complete artist love Mikeeeee

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