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Definitely in the past few years it does not sounds so weird to know some of the musician is coming from other countries not only America itself..

And definitely thanks to hip hop I think that unite all the musician to collaborate despite their different in culture..


photo credit to Dazed

Let’s start with KOHH coming from Japan, he is known for his collaboration with Keith Ape It G MA with other rapper LOOTA, Jay AllDay, and Okasian. But that’s not it coming from the though background having his father suicide, his mother was an addict, he grew up with his grandma, you can see it from the VICE documentary. However he went to startdom on modelling as well, and he collaborated with world wide star Frank Ocean for his song Nikes. 

His fashion is always on point known for his tone and his deep voice as well, he may look like a gangster that all ladies could fall in love with him directly and created (i fell in love with a bad boyyyy) and yess his song real love is the best and my favourite song from him. go abroad with 88rising we have….


credit to Vulture 

YASSS we got Rich Brian…. and I know my not so friend but definitely Rich Brian friend Sihk66 he is such an amazing producer… but too bad few of crazy fans of K-Pop in Indonesia just went on war.. because of the opinion of rapyourbae music

And YASS he is definitely the biggest Asian Hip Hop star right noww… he is making the list for the XXL magazine new class of 2018… I definitely proud and happy, and he is about going to held a concert here in Melbourne but too bad the tickets went out in secondssss… 😦 well too bad for me his song GLOW LIKE DAT is my fave for his newest album the visual and the tone is definitely my style of songs… but even so the song DAT STICK is still stuck on my head…..

Recently a interview of Lydia Paek contain a sentence

“Then, there was CL, leader of the now defunct group 2NE1. Signed to Scooter Braun and with a major media push, the South Korean pop star failed to make a dent in the American market. ” – David Yi

It is making me a little bit disapproved and extremely maddddd 2NE1 was such a legendary group cutting all the streotypes of pretty girlsss, for me they are the prettiest girl group that the entire K Pop industry have, and yet sadly they got disbanded back in November 2016.


credit to allkpop

If we look at the marketing point of few 88rising has a goal on making the Asian Artist become big on the America market as the billboard article said so. The founder Sean Miyashiro had plan on what marketable to America and they have something different that other agency do not have it.

“We’re small but extremely efficient and extremely, extremely scrappy.”  – 88rising

For example since Rich Brian (before Chigga) starting making his song in English that he got debuted with an English album, however artist like HIGHER BROTHERS known for their raps in Chinese you can see their videos back on 88rising YouTube channel. For example their song Higher Brothers x Famous Dex – Made In China (Prod. Richie Souf)

And that is the main reason why artist such as KOHH, Higher Brothers, Keith Ape, Kris Wu are able to attract the American eyes or market because they offer something different since they making their song based on their mother language. I think that is the reason why CL that managed by Scooter Braun are not able to achieve viral(ly) like Rich Brian, KOHH, Higher Brothers. I think it is hard especially as a female rapper to compete in America where you got Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, Iggy Azalea and many more. I personally think CL is actually not fail but her rap on Baddest Female attract the eyes of the world wide artist too, because its unique, and it is showcase that Asian Girls can be cool, and swag too.. But actually CL did make an appearance on the My Little Pony Soundtrack back in 2017.


credit to hellokpop

Definitely CL is an artist that full of talents, and everything, she mastered a lot of languages but back in the past she known for her rap in Korean, I personally think it is not about the language barrier anymore since the world is getting more global with the help of other fans Google Translate people are able to understand the meaning. And people are actually getting more acceptable with a lot of different cultural background.


Higher Brothers pic credit to straatosphere

Speaking of culture MIYAVI once stated that “music is a universal language, you don’t have to understand what I said ” in which I totally agree, he just released a new music video Long Nights featured an Afghanistan female rapper Sonita, and recently he make a video with Famous Dex on 88rising YouTube,


credit to tumblr

And yass MIYAVI is multitalented as well, not only as a guitarist he also an actor, and he modeled at Paris Fashion Week too. Anywayyssss I Love CL and Hope for the Best for her

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